Kathryn Conlon

Kathryn Conlon

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine
Department of Medicine & Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Conlon’s research focuses on characterizing how climate change influences health adaptation in humans, animals, and the environment. Dr. Conlon incorporates traditional environmental epidemiological study design, spatio-temporal exposure assessment, weather and climate modeling, land-use modeling, and mixed-methods for social and behavioral epidemiology to design and conduct studies that elucidate the complex relationships between health and climate change. She is specifically interested in the development, implementation, and design of evidence-based interventions to protect the health of the most at-risk populations from climate change, with a focus on respiratory and mental health. Her research group relies heavily on transdisciplinary collaborations, prioritizes community engagement in study design, and aims to co-produce knowledge that facilitates translating the science into policy and action.

Her most current wildfire project investigates the effectiveness of an emergency rule in California that aims to protect outdoor workers during wildfire smoke events.